10 APRIL 1880, Page 25

l'huile, oleunt.—The Golden Path to French. By A. F. Genlain.

(Northampton Street, Bath.)—We gather that the author's aim is to

produce a work which, while neglecting nothing necessary to be learnt, should not over-tax the memory of the learner. A series of conversations are introduced at. intervals adapted to the stage of the pupil's advancement. Mr. Genlain deprecates the stereotyped phrases in common use, and claims for his book, so far, a character of origin- ality. The tale at the conclusion is introduced specially for the entertainment of the pupil. The author discourages any attempt to

learn French from books only, and says that it is impossible to acquire a correct pronunciation, except from an educated native. For this reason he gives no rules for reading and pronunciation. Ferdinand Gasc's dictionaries are strongly recommended to the student.—