10 APRIL 1880, Page 25

Spiritual Science. Our Patriarch Jacob, the Father and the Prophet

-of Human Science. By Kuklos. (John Harris, Kilburn Square.)—Is it necessary to go beyond the title ? Or shall we quote a paraphrase of 'Genesis, chap. xxx. :—" And when Artificial Christian Learning saw that she was barren, she envied Human Learning, and said unto Scientific Intelligence, 'You must render me productive, or else I die.' And she said, Behold my maid (Bilhah) Honour of Human Ability, -cause her to be fruitful within my system.' And Honour of Human Ability, having been embraced by Scientific Intelligence, conceived, and bear Intelligence a son," Sm. Later on, we find that asses mean -" scientific assumptions ;" lambs, "human spiritual believers ;" rams, Si active religious minds ;" goats, "dogmas of artificial religion." This is about enough,—for readers who wish to remain sane.