10 APRIL 1880, Page 3

The Daily News has received a telegram from Rangoon -aanouncing

the death of Theebau, the King of Burmah, from small-pox, and the imminent probability of civil war. The merchants in Rangoon have received advices from Mandalay asking them to suspend the despatch of goods. The story of Theeban's death is probable enough, as if he were ill somebody would be sure to kill him ; but there is no particular reason to apprehend anarchy. The Burmese will not voluntarily go out- side the race of Alompra for a king, and failing Theebau, the proper and popular representative of the founder is a Prince living under our protection in Calcutta, who could be sent to Mandalay in a month, with, if necessary, a European regiment to instal him. He is pretty sure to be a bad ruler, that being -the specialty of Asiatics educated in the English learning, as Azimoollah and Theebau were ; but he is not likely to be a half- mad drunkard, and any moderately sane monarch would receive the Resident, leave Europeans alone, and protect trade, which is all we at present require. He has no interest in protecting the dacoit raids, either into Muuipore or Arracan, which of late have given annoyance, and if continued would have com- pelled intervention.