10 APRIL 1880, Page 3

The rumours as to a coming war between Russia and

China become grave, though they still require official confirmation. It is known that China refuses to ratify the treaty under -which half Kuldja is retroceded to her, instead of the whole, which she claims, and that her Generalissimo in the field is eager to attack ; and it is now reported that under his influ- ence, Chinese troops have invaded Manchouria. The exact facts will not reach Europe yet, but it is evident that war is expected in St. Petersburg, that Eastern Siberia is to be strengthened, and that grave projects for using the fleet at Saghalien against Northern China are being discussed. The mobile Chinese army is much stronger than the Russian army in Siberia, but we believe the Czar can call out mounted tribes stronger than any force China can produce in moderate time, and capable of keep- ing up the war till a flying corps d'armee can be forwarded from European Russia. We acknowledge, however, that China has recently displayed, both in Ynnan and Kashgar, a fighting strength, and in Pekin a diplomatic courage, which are unex- pected, and rather baffle calculation. It is not impossible that Pekin is relying on Lord Beaconsfield, who has a liking Mr Pagan Powers.