10 AUGUST 1861, Page 8


(By telegram through Mr. Reuter's office.)

• VIENNA, August 9.

An ordinance from the Minister of Finance orders that, at present and during harvest-time, those Hungarian taxpayers who are really indigent are to be treated with indulgence, but that the most energetic measures of severity are to be employed against those solvent persons who refuse to pay the taxes.

PESTH, Altkritat 9.

The draught address, as proposed by M. Deak, also mentions the rights of the Bohemian and Gallician crowns; decidedly declines that deputies from the Hungarian Diet should be sent to the Council of the Empire; and declares that the Hungarian Diet must cease trans- acting any parliamentary business. ITALY.—Tunirt, August 9. General Fanti will proceed to Chillons, in order to be present at the military movements. Signor Bastogi, Minister of Finance, has been raised by the King to the rank of Count, and appointed Grand Officer of the Order of St. Maurice and Lazarus, on account of the services rendered by him in the conclusion of the national loan.

TURKEY.— C ONSTANITNOPLE, August 8. The number of officers in the Turkish army has been reduced. Henceforth the new officers will be chosen from among those who have been dismissed on' account of this reduction. A commission has been appointed for the redemption of the new cairnes.