10 AUGUST 1907, Page 1

According to the latest reports sent by the Tangier corre-

spondentbf the Times, the Italian and Portuguese Consuls took refuge at the French Consulate, and other Europeans who were not on board ships in the harbour went to the British Con- sulate, which was defended by French seamen. On Wednes- day the French Government presented a Note to the Powers signatory to the Algeciras Act. The Note, according to the Paris correspondent of the Times, states what has been done, and what it is proposed still to do. It affirms the intention of France to maintain the authority of the Sultan and the integrity of his Empire. Order will be restored at Casa Blanca, and freedom of trade guaranteed. The police force will be organised forthwith in. conjunction with the Spanish Government. Unhappily, other seaports are gravely menaced by the Moors.