10 AUGUST 1907, Page 16



SIR,—Having been away from home, I have only just seen the Spectator of July 27th, but I hasten to reassure you with regard to " Grass of Parnassus." It may have disappeared from the particular county of which your correspondent speaks, but it certainly is not extinct (as I understand you to fear) in England. I know an extensive moor in Lincolnshire on which it grows in profusion. The curious thing is that though there are several other similar moors in the neighbour- hood, I have never seen it on any of them ; but on one of them the equally beautiful and, I suppose, almost equally rare Andromeda polyfolia abounds. This strict localisation of certain plants is very puzzling. In the neighbourhood of which I am speaking a variety of white saxifrage grows in abund- ance in one spot, and nowhere else; and in the next parish there are two or three contiguous fields in which—and in them only—the English yellow chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum segetum) abounds. If your correspondent wishes to know exactly where Parnassia palustris is to be found I shall be