10 AUGUST 1907, Page 2

The Solicitor-General for Scotland having described the amendment as striking

at the very root of the measure, Mr. Balfour condemned the Government for extending the system of dual ownership to districts where there was no justification for it. Their policy was, he contended, foolish and inconsistent, as well as immoral, and would damage the interests of the small holders themselves as well as of agriculture. The Lord Advocate having enlarged on the great benefits conferred on the Highlands by the Crofters Act of 1886, Mr. Long's amendment was rejected by 263 votes to 86, and the Secretary of Scotland's amendments to the first six clauses were put from the Chair and carried without discussion. The debate was resumed on Wednesday in a small and languid House which seldom exceeded three hundred Members. Various Unionist amendments to the seventh clause having been rejected, the guillotine fell at 10.30, and the clauses up to fifteen were disposed of without discussion. The process was repeated on Thursday, when the Report stage was completed.