10 AUGUST 1907, Page 26

The Whole Art of Caravanning. By Bertram Smith. (Longman, and

Co. as. 6d. net.)--The present writer has never been in a caravan ; but if ever he did choose to explore England in such a vehicle, he would much prefer to make his adventure an experi- ment from beginning to end and work out his own methods. This is the day of manuals, and no doubt they exist to supply a demand; but a word must occasionally be said for those of us who like to learn by their own failures. Cut-and-dried cara- vanning according to Cocker smacks as unromantically as can be. Surely more than half the fun of such a life is to be found in its accidents, its dilemmas, its unpreparednesses. So, at any rate, is the opinion of the holder of this pen, and hence his supreme independence of Mr. Bertram Smith and all his counsels. But for the others, the timid lovers of manuals, why this is a very good little book, and it should turn out spurious gipsies by the score.