10 DECEMBER 1948, Page 38

Shorter Notice

Tars book is exactly what such a book should be. Leicester's Pub- licity Department is to be congratulated on having persuaded so readable a scholar as Mr. Ellis to write it, so ingenious a designer as Mr. Hugh Collinson to illustrate it and such excellent craftsmen as Jarrold's to print it. It tells the story of Leicester from its origins as the Roman Roue Coritanorum, through the periods when Danish was spoken in its market-place and Simon de Montfort was its leading citizen, up to the beginning-of the twentieth century.. Modern Leicester perhaps suffers in appearance from having quad- rupled its size at the worst period of English architecture, but its long tradition of independence and invention has left clear marks on the character of the city and its inhabitants. Mr. Ellis has written round this theme an account which will interest many who have never seen Leicester, for his affection for his city is deep and ha tells his story against the history and background of all England. It is an admirable piece of work.