10 DECEMBER 1948, Page 5

Level crossings on main roads are an intolerable scandal. When

the highway concerned is what is commonly called the Exeter Road —though it actually goes to Penzance—it is really an outrage that this anachronism should be tolerated. The crossing, of course, is the one at Sunningdale. The other day I approached from the west. The gates were across the road. After a while a train came through, and it seemed to be our turn now. Not at all. The gates remained shut, while the road traffic piled up in lengthening lines on both sides. After fully five minutes the reason became clear. Another train was sauntering along in the opposite direction and of course the gates had to wait on its pleasure. Would any other civilised country tolerate such impediments on roads of the first order of importance? I find it hard to believe—though no doubt someone will write and tell me of worse cases.

* * * *