10 FEBRUARY 1961, Page 13


SIR,- -Miss Gainham's statement that . . one hears

more viciously anti-German remarks in London than in Warsaw or Belgrade' is not the stuff of which 'objective facts' are made. Even as a generalisation it is grotesque. Warsaw was totally devastated in the war, and its inhabitants annihilated. Their succes- sors hate the Germans with a virulence almost in- comprehensible to the fortunate Londoner.

As Miss Gainham penetratingly observes, 'theoretical conceptions of responsibilit■ just do not work in real life.' But in time of war they are made to work. In any case an evil cause tarnishes even the bravest men who serve it. Canaris may not be 'guilty of the gas chambers.' but his war-time achievements would hardly make a fit subject for a MM.—Yours faithfully.

Exeter College. Oxford