10 FEBRUARY 1961, Page 15


SIR, —In Your comment on my letter in your February 3 issue, you said that anybody might think, reading my letter, that you had condemned BEA and BOAC for taking the stand they did at the time of the recent unofficial strike at London Airport. I am sorry if I gave this impression; we certainly appre- ciated that you had warmly commended that stand.

Regarding the announcements to the press and the actual travelling passengers, a subject on which you also commented, the official BEA and BOAC statement, to which I referred in my previous letter, was promptly cabled to the many overseas managers of the Corporations throughout the world for issue to the press of their areas and also for the informa- tion of the passengers whenever it was practicable for these managers and their staffs to pass it to them. Similar information was given whenever possible to passengers in the UK.--Yours faithfully,

F. C. GILLMAN Chief Press and Information Officer British Overseas Airways Corporation Stratton House, Piccadilly, U"I