10 MARCH 1939, Page 2

Poland, Rumania and Hungary The results of Colonel Beck's recent

diplomatic activity should be extremely welcome to the Western Powers. Count Ciano's visit to Poland has produced nothing more than a general promise of co-operation, and an assertion of Poland's colonial claims ; but it has also given M. Bonnet occasion to announce Colonel Beck's unqualified assurance to France of Poland's willingness to fulfil her obligations under the Franco-Polish alliance. After Count Ciano had left, M. Gafencu, the Rumanian Foreign Minister, arrived in Warsaw ; the discussions that took place during his three- day visit laid the basis for a closer co-operation between Poland and Rumania, and improved relations between Rumania and Hungary. Rumanian opposition to a common frontier between Poland and Hungary may be withdrawn in return for a relaxation of Hungary's revisionist demands on Rumania. This result could only have been achieved by the common threat to both countries of Germany's eastern and southern drive via Ruthenia. Thus a consoli- dated Polish-Rumanian-Hungarian bloc is in process of formation, and plans are being made for continuous river and canal communication from the Baltic to the Black Sea ; these plans have aroused irritation in Berlin, which asserts they are being undertaken with the assistance of British and French support.