10 OCTOBER 1840, Page 2

An instance of sudden death, caused by excitement at the

late City election, occurred on Tuesday. An old gentleman, a Mr. Gibson, went up to Tuesday to vote for Aldermen Pine and Johnson. He was re- ceived with the customary yells and bootings by the mob, and with cries of " Go home, old man, and die; you've done your worst ; you'll never vote here again " The old gentleman appeared very nervous, and much alarmed at his reception. lie went home to Stratford, and was in ten minutes a corpse—lie died of apoplexy. Another similar instance is said to have occurred on Friday.

A moo named George Brown was committed for trial by the Magis.- trnte at Marlborough Street Police--office on Wednesday, charged with having ohtaimal it number of -watches from different watchmakers by re: resenting himself as the owner or relation of parties who had left eremites to be repaired. There were upwards of sixty canes 01' the 1,1-v1 chareed against the prisoner. Ile exercised great ingenuity in his plan : he asked for the watches in the name of " Smith " or " Brow a," and pointed to some watch banging up us the one he wanted : in some instaeces the watchmakers referred to their books, when the prisoner, by looking over, got the number and maker's name of sonic watch in the list, and by asking for it with those marks of identity he evaded all su odeion.