10 OCTOBER 1840, Page 3

The proceedings of the Court-martial at 13ri:411ton, on Captain R.

A. Reynolds, were 1-0-.411111M on Satinalay. The Court heard eN;itienee given by Major Jenkins and Lieutenant Ciumingluen's servant, in explanallen of some eirette:Stenees connected with the commtini,.ations between Ideutenant Catnnierjetni and the Major. Ml said, that Lieu- trent (-Immingham. be::;ged hint to Mtereede with lord tls ate was afraid that Loral Cardigan would be angry tel acoomit of the part which he (Licutenait Cunningham) had taken in mentioning to l'apt..in Reynolds what the young h: le had sell. :11..jor Jenkins put Lieu- tenant Cunningham's statement down in writing, "that that there inialti 1.0 no mistake"; soul Lieutenant (Immingham. signed it. lientt'o:ct Cunningham first went to the :Major OIL the 1st of Se:Lae:al:or ; tile statement Wit,: tilted the ttti.

On Aloaday, Lord Cardigan made his rijoindo-, It consisted chiefly of comments on the evidence ; rroni which Lord Cardigan endeavoured to deduce that t'ititain Reynolds, on first hearing of the expression

which lied given hint offence, treated it as a slight matter. And Lord Cardigan asked how it was, if the expresei.:ii tel to him was

cal- culated to wound the feelings of an limnairable iii,m, that t'aptain John liey11.1 is, who hail been ltssocioted with C.Ipt:tin A othony Reynolds in the report, had " taf:en no step to set hiles::If Ividi tilt- society or Bri:tetoli:" Did it not show that Captain Jelin Reynel coielcntnet[ a e.airso which he very properly d:adieed to intitat,;: Lord Cardigan exptr'.-c,1 some surprise at the ailinis:h,i to his hams:: beiog considered a ;clime of so much moment by Ca,!niu Iles icdds. !lit at all twee:::, ynaieiti 1103:110111.S.S applicati,,,I for redrcs shon1.1 been official:— " It lie thomdll Ltd :toy thitm: to e,miplain of in the conduit of Ili: co.!1- 19tuling-ollieer witItin the e:.intottMmt of his regiment. whether in pubbe 111' or is ,o.•;,:ly, in 110• ti -I-I, the rtteet. or Lim drawing. room, the 1":0Per cone was to a-blre, to that otlio,r an ul1lyiil tram •,t tot rodres; aril that WCIT rcrosr41, it 1.1 lay I he ohetc elrellee. the roiliest, :Mil !%•101:e the Alijiitatit-t;,•0t•t::ii, for the inforimitiou of the tionceal .1.int so Lei' front the fact of my vet:II-Mug no auseer to his puitiii• IFlter, anti IFIrl,1111g, 111111 next 1110111111g p,trade to addres, calm:illy in future, hat storplii, ...Hi oi. tat report, :Mould miller have °pointed out to him the leFilitnate mode of obtaining explanation and redress, for the :tr.., • ol his comummling•ntliver."

Lord l.'artligan IIVONVed, that he chose the paeade as the ploet: for ... ext :wore se•eilely mark the light in 'which the Court- 11)::- t! e • ,pt:,;” If. 1. II.o le ,lils is viewed by the public, than the .: -,-, ._ ,:k of th-s _,:...;..., . ‘',-... •-:s ,is %v■11 as residents, at the Glou- e,:..;,..- i I :Le. e. her.: In e has ii -....:1 -.Lee he w ••,-. pm crier arrest by Lord (.':]..•..: ..1.---iiii!iht,ll. (;,,,o.,/i,,,, 1,'. :,,count I1::1-..ey To,hvtt, v...•!:-, \,..:1‹ ..,. .!,led by the Earl of earth- leo- left his 1:0,1, ;net b. now !.'`!.. .:1:11! ill; 1::011Se, in Illamil- le . l'ieee. Mr. Tin:lieu was so:H.,: 1.1 :■-• , r the regiment when he , eeleane-ed v. Ill: Lionel:ant Foo; •.•, 1.1-.2 last e,-,•% I.:C.1.1,1: :I tlo- ':::::t.:. • a .1.-en the duel-

ling 1:Istols e ' I. ,- I l 'er:Ii_ -en submitted

f...q. exami.,;;I:., • Li-- t -1. (•.,,..ligan's pistols wen: ritlo•I :,t,11 i ;,:.. once appeared, signed. " :Alant,,,,. r-statement, which hill ::.-2:■ it con-r -- • 1lant■.71 :,:.•1 .,....A by them to In7.1 !'arili,...-1.... : .1 :. •i!1,1 are in every r: -,,...-,.7.- :int bo.. 1 , . i... :.L•• .• ..-.• Mr 111:! last luta- cm!,...r...,.. 'lit e i•••.• o-, VI . I.• 1 1 Li-• I. o...1:11ip going tO mal..ieg his rerd t,: .ynobb:.'s first letter, bee .use he had often beets a! te '• • •- ned insubordination, which have not passed

tie: emloal by tie: I ire t :eneral of Cavalry and the General Com-

. le; dr. ;ii in ee eeer Wa`i reminded tot. 1:.■:11'S which he ; who exertions. .: even ., Iprocured it', ,,r purchase. Captain I,. s.s conduct

. ',tit soles, 'Alt! C.::: T11.. was 1101 '41:10W .111.1:0 to The 11..,

for ratification.

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4 .,:it:1111 curious ol her ask b :I ,Sc. &c. e•boted the :1, Lt I never 7.1i.gan say lintian

st,tcm,.211t to :dr. CI:NYNGIIAME." Cm


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th:lt 11111' not 011 '

snit hint. So 11.;- t'. 0funlocoining

riilIi .•atnient • • : eesscrily have the case, it is mv conduct, and in- fi1ch he has of late