10 OCTOBER 1840, Page 4

Mr. (/'(!aoriell reel the 'limo,' e cohoiel I :ethos M.l'.

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I, ing e, led the .Nlini-aer- LI•cnn:e th: t rearosl hint scone appoint- ee to, le. s:di: d. Mr. 1)'1'o moll':, i :led lairas mom hbesa eesteinae. 'Fite smose ,,e oin a I sa:mel 1', 11 ,,eeket (ice IJ; • 111.11:%, lltamoraale Iltilb f•-:• oat, who ti at ono t.t.o I lit It tlo.d.I Iistvc h-•■ utterly lin- tiett I I:VI-1'11,11.N 11:1'..• Io ('1.1"1'1 ,'u of. 1 had determined to wait until the ,■,,,pt sja..h of the next election before submitted his conduct in detail to the consideration of his constituents. But recent events (and having latterly come twice before the public) have con- vinced nit that I ought not any longer to delay the task of placing the facts before you, and leaving you then simply to judge whether he deserves any part ofyour confidence. " I hope I am not actuated by any resentment arising from the ribaldry which he has poured against me. No man ever yet deserted or betrayed Ire- land, from the Honourable Colonel Butler down to the wretch—inter Chris- thaws noa nominandus—Eacas 3laedonnell, who did not avow and enhance his criminality by assailing me I hope and trust that I, at least, will earn more of such vituperation; and I believe I am occupied in earning it at present. "'Thus 1 proceed to merit it.

" It will be recollected that a Alinisterial crisis took place in the month of April 1839. The Ministerial majority was reduced to three, and the Ministry were driven to a resignation, from the effects of which Peel's unmanly attack upon the female friends of the Queen alone saved this country.

" Colonel Butler did not vote. His conduct tilled everybody with astonish- ment. Copies of letters of his, or at least documents purporting to he copies of his letters, were shown about at Brookes's, in which he entered into a regular stipulation that be would vote with the Government, peoei/kd that certain situations or promotion were bestowed upon two permits whom he naming but whom I now refrain from naming, through motives or delicacy to them—a deli- tieacy to which Colonel Butler has forfeited all claim. The letters said to he his, further stated, that if his request were not complied with, be either could not vote at all, or would vote against the Government. his request w:14 refused ; and the reasons fur such refusal were given inn a manner quite satis- factory." Copies of the letters between Mr. O'Connell and ('olonel Butler are given, in which O'Connell calls on the Colonel to direct him to contradict the disparaging report. An evasive reply, considered by Mr. O'Connell as an admission of the charge, was returned. l'hose letters are elated the 21st and 22d of last April. •Ir. O'Connell's ad- dress to the electors of Kilkenny concludes thus- " I have now fulfilled a painful duty the performance of which I postponed as long as I possibly could—alluding to it on a Mriner tmeasitm, but not publishing the documents which leave its accuracy without a doubt, as 1 now publish them. " Niel: of Kilkenny ! I now abandon the matter to !pm. If you deem it reasonable that the vote of one of your Ilepresentatives should be secure:I ' by Government titvours, anti not by argument, or the interests of Ireland, I have nothing further to say ; but I shall not believe that you will ever arrive at such a conclusion until I forget (which is impossible) that the county of Kil- kenny has ever been amongst the foremost, it not the very foremost, in politi- cal independence and genuine patriotism."

Colonel Butler, in consequence of this renewed attack, hes addressed a letter to the electors of Kilkenny to repel the charge and jastii'y his conduct. Whether he has dune this effectually, let the letter speak for itself.

" Bally a, 50, mot .loar "Gentlemen—Having seen a letter addressed to von Lv me. the Evening Ercenvtie of the :Id instant, ill which he charies me, it, !di mom! veracious strain, with every kind a Ind,deinealtottr as your IZem!••,..tit••ti....t. told as the precursor to his letter setans to have b; et the Ineetin; ia•ei hid ot the chapel of Kilinttow, 1 feel called upon to atitlres!, rot on both mitjeet!t. Now, as Mr. O'Connell's chief cltcf.t a,:ai,!-,t Illat Att liaVITUf tr• vol-c upon one occasion, I have nut the I ast hesitation ill admitting that, atit.i: having for t\vo or three yet,...s given rite support to the present Administration, I made an application for professhilial prO1111.41011 for Iwo of my sous, where such could not be obtained by purellazo—namely, in the Church an ,1 the Navy; and 1 certainly considered that I was justified in so doing, inasmuch as hi they went out of otlice I could not expect that their opponents would attend to any application on my part. As :Mr. O'Connell has repeatedly expressed a that 1 should enter fully into an explanation or circumstances that • 1 canny refusing to vote upon one occasion with the Government, I hai to (lie detormination not 011 any account to do so, as I eannot

in the parity of his ; but II hen he asserts that it '.1H • a

Idell took place ill tli mouth of April wherein t! !•v te.ty majority of three, and were. con4e, ttently. driven t l a r,•!..i,etot :al: he :•• - that which is not a fact and lie had lo ;1 at hi, hypto•ritival hm' 1:•_.• !! t• tonne, which he now puidislic,,, of the 21st .1pril ho w.mt I hate that it was nit an Irish que4ion that I ele,ented myself. :11r. I tii'.el -iI himself great credit for the regord nlw ys avowed aid it It . ant'.! received my answer to tl:e above previous tioenment. New, I•.• !. truly friendly and patriotic gentleman, does he ever r, years ago, written to 0 highly--reiteetadie at al inflamed,: e. Id • of Kilkenny, to solicit t i sultplira ii-tt vein- I."' tlii. Doherty, who was a candidate for that city net Ca.! re 1e:el to my son, who was candidate on the V•H1!: •...•- .1ut to the publishing or the cot:re:Ton !once 11.•;.... (I. I live only again to ts•livitt tirtt it sva, toy ;

it eactirredt but I was prevented, by my friend tIi 1 I to tell me that :qr. O'Connell hat given up his intea ism et; •-o

Minty declined giving it on lily Via. con lo: vur binding on hush. As to the meeting in tl t I have only to say that the (Mire of the proceetlit;•:- ;! 10 the Eerning Frel nnin of the lot instant_ are tt t • , front deginning to the entl.totaliy unworthy of Illy o Tir,t I have :lily with to roar,' the tt ae.,! of lisp. 2 tlaiwn lay support tenni the present . .11111111, 1-,It ;0". Ol• • IOU of SI1 that I vot:•,1 r•.

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was called upon to attend the to I hi • at lv.1 I 1. • o . I. i;

tetieired a printed notiee 11,it to I assigned Mr it was so rdliculo t IH• h, li tr,l it1 Call only further say, that as that most \ !mord:nary I . roper to call till Inv to resi.,;t1 my seat in Datdittlitott•. I esitation in informing them that I do not coitecise t;se:, slnsIiiied in Fo .111.1 emiscoois oily 1 s s i!i, iv wishes. In viiiietilAsm, as I find it is to a Val is the ol i• •■ .•!:•nts to mystify the particular occasion on 1116.11 not :it loll.: . ter,. PrObtlilly tor o putpoAt. le.nling others to . • it,;1,11c11 my suvom.t oil nuns urrasi11ns, 1 till it the lolly division front Which I so :1114t•liicil 111ySt•Ii a,l. III in ref, rt•Ililo Iii approval Of Lord .1.1:•:iiiklisati,111 emmiry !it IL. sow,' Mint, I must be excused from enterim; into the pill.at r. of tho am convincol, as I !thinly tlidl lily 111.111f ,o oilvli 10 do s0 Call till. 110 other purpose t)

of 1'yylidIg ;ill civentisst:nic,,,

which iniFitt knit to the sviiltdvitss.31 nay support froln 1n andquvnt resignation lily ill l'arlidlItIVItt. 111.1L0 1•1111111 fOr ,01110 tIlle