10 OCTOBER 1840, Page 5

7 , t V • es :11 1., 111 .: sea. For:

artillery, of the same calibre, would be sent from England to relieve the depot.garrison here. We understand that the Eleventh Regiment of the Line is shortly to be gerrisoned in this island ; iu which case the forty-fifth depOt will he quartered at St. Peter's barracks."

. There have been some desperate riots at Douglas and at Pee!, in the Isle of Man, caused by the assimilation of the copper currency. The riots at Peel were the more violent. The 01,114,1'1nd Awoptet states,

that on Saturday week, " the High o es rudely essanhed in the early part of the evening, nil carried home in a mate or insensffility. T. Cerruti, a gentleman 1104 esteemed by all ettempted to point out to the rioters the impropriety of their proeuedines, and was knocked down and kicked in a most brutal and inhuman manger. One of the constables had his thigh broken, and the walls were phsted with placards threatening bloodshed to the I ligh Bailiff and the constabies if they dared to make their appeareece after dark. A scene of riot and destruction then ensued, which ties no parallel save that of the Chmoists at Birmingham. 'Windows were t.intoth,1,,,i it hundreds, furniture de- stroyed in the 1110:4 wanton manuer, tied respect,ede houses completely gutted of all the furniture deny p;;,,essed."