10 OCTOBER 1840, Page 7

'Flic news of the King of IIollantes in our last

Postscript, has liven fully co:ter-et-ed.

of the throne to his thirst sou, the t v be made tin thy 7th instant, at Lou; and Let toe ea: t: to receive the omits of :Allegiance of the sup...rate 1•1*...1

authorities at tit,: 11:teue. 'fine tilelicated King. it it. to reside in tie. Netlierl.rels : his fernier i having been etetlomel. Ere:, sienedthe telte. of Ail...tn.:II of the F. tratisfer -oleted. to was I alid:ttra- .1


son, ,.44:1•1 son, has re-

ter-t; ef the

'1'ile prochon ;lion ammancieg. t:i in the Dutch p,:pers v , •ate .sine eare:; Uf gOverillnent, and to d:e .: I:1 tran-

quillity, are the rinses assigned ing on the abdication of his throue is zoo e • corded at length- " &c.

" Penetrated whit jLt neat rover 'Ai 41: Or, . :14 oorageineat, raid support whith tl..• ■1'. 'to :Itini

us inn the Lich Ile 1:13v lo satirtIle- tion oil the rrio: 4..xer-

eit,.eti the high4:st poaer ill our I ea I t:r.00l I t.ael.y 1.14setn- harg, and have to the b..st of our I, in fle.,■rd,toce with time rubs and late., pts of the coma t %..,031.t%! the 1::.,1,:1:11,.ss and prosperity of our helmted sett:et/es. ;Ind the statley et the colmtry ilit 1% ..i%-h :inecstors

Ivcie hound hy So mans tic, and to I%dici: ac are :Aso :0 Minn:itch' United.

" Manifold arc the 1.1,,..11,g; wherewith the Most !Ugh Imas our goverionent, teen umdls the presto:re of the pelitleal events of these latter

■ cars, 0 herein eve cxlicri:enced ilsc iojrriuus inlimence which grc.,t ited unceas- ing care and affliction have exercised upon us.

It i..e re".

" The anxieties and difficulties of the high administration have weighed heavy upon us. We feel this daily more and more, in consequence of the increase of our years, and the perception of the duty imposed on us, hence- forth to follow iu the conduct of the affairs of the kingdom some other rules than those which before the modifications and additions recently introduced into the constitution were by it established and prescribed. " By our proclamation of the 4th of September last, we gave full confirma- tion to these changes and supplements, and their operation is now about to Commence.

" After the most serious reflection, we have considered this the most fitting period for carryieg. into execution our long-contemplated purpose of passing the remnieing ffieye which God may phase to grant us, in repose and freedom from the cares of government, under the grateful recollection of all the benefits that his kindness and wbdoin have confrrred upon us.

" A firm, vigorous, manly, and more youthful hand, free from the weight of old age, and Onembarvi.sel by antecedent recollections, will hereafter be re- quired ffir the administhition of the kingdom and the promotion of its happi- ness and welfare; and, under our full impression and conviction that the bur- den of the government would henceforth oppress us, and incapacitate its during

the remaining years of our from devoting due and vigilant attention to the interests of our 1. 1..v. d, s,11.;Ivets. we have, after mature delffiontion, out of our own entire free will, this day resolved to terminate irrevoe,bly our lung reign, and to transfer our itov.. i, ( lo,o1 Dural, and Ducal authority, to our beloved sou the Prince of Demge, \,1,.) is the lawful inheritor of our Royal, Grand Ducal, nullDucal 0 '00.114, " We thank our s:(i..:ets for the 'multiplied proofs of confidence and attachment v.1.1e1 .ve hot c dicing our reign in the fullest measure experienced on their part ; and we aro (sun vi iced that they will receive uith love and respect their new Kirg, to Is /Iwn the country is already so gee atiy indebted; and who, with a heart 1.....•f.-anorally mood, but with manly courage, in humble dependence on the aid am! sieliert of G.,-; Almighty, has accepted from out' hands the 'Crowns of the N. r ti .i; . Idixcalluturg, and Limburg, to he from this day tin.-

ward possessed by i :oat his legitimate successors, in consequence of the solemn act of ose ,-1,:hiary resignation and transfer, which is through our care depsited ar. :dyes of the kingdom and the Grand Dutchy, there to he laid up and pte,creed,

" Finally, we charge and order that our present proclamation, with whkh are close our reign, shall t r p-moulgated in a solemn public judicial session of the High Council of the Netierlands, of the Provincial Courts of Justice, of the Criminal Tribunol of Am-terdam, mud of the District Courts, as well as at the fronts of the Council-. Leathers (X the chief towns of provinces and dis- tricts, where it r..e. r. toe 1,,,:01 at all customary places; and lastly, that it sh.,!1 be in,; rt,1 t!,,

"Dune at the Lee tit . d tileolee the 7th, 1.340. WILLIAM.

•• Coln:Land, VAN: DOOR s." The C, :tele :1'4) 1!:r..!:!■‘.1t has Wet fixed her residence at Liege. and has had i!170 ;1:11 other things which she left iu We liedieve she is now at the Chateau d'Oultre- de. iteeleto allirras that she has never ceased re- freal King William, and that after a long tour t the marrhige, it is possible the King may are 1.. This last circumstance scents very ult- .., • 1.:.•!•tr.-.s 1..-lonaing to the Prince of Orange

t.7 :.<1;'.1 (:1 have 1,,..en sent to Holland,

Ore • is a ii,u,se well CS several others, waiting

for the dlr.:et:am of the Papal'.

The f !1.? Msta,... s.. ---•" The treaty of com-

merce •thed 1101:.Ind, has been submitted

for ratiti.•,••hin to . Acc•••:•lina• to article second, the King of

: • • ef the soil and manufteturesof

• :•.•1 1.is States, the advantages pos. The Confederation, on the other ...zmcut the present duties t,ion Dutch trier- is only 1,:o',itkiaul, is to reamia in vigour i -112'

brought to Cit' moat. The Fularly to rev in Ciernorty coils