10 OCTOBER 1840, Page 9


Fur several weeks past we have been sub:ected to a daily inundation of Urquhirt;te papers, for the most part in print, but sometimes accompanied by private letters from estimable individuals, whom we wish to treat with respect, though we regard them as Inhuming under confirmed monomania. Perhaps we shall say something on the subject in our next number.

We have received another communication on the subject of the Records, from the gentleman who addressed us last week ; and we refrain from publishing hi.; second paper, for the meson we assigned respecting the first—that whilst it mold not forward his views, it might p,ssibly inure himself. If, however. he persist in his wish to be heard, we can have no objection to the publication of his re:narks, if be, mum reflection, should have none. Ile has also sent us some clippings from two newspapers relative to the ap- pointments of Messrs. Cott: and iitmrst. These paragraphs are to the efPct, that the appointments are " illegal," and in" opposition" to the Aet, which directs that the Assistant Record-Keepers, 8.:e. shall he appointed in the first instance from among persons entitled to compem.atioa. which these gentlemen were not, thiotigh employed by the Record Cenunksioners. If the " liarris•er" and the 4' Ex M.P." had read the Act, they would have seen that the direction was dis- cretionary, being rather largely qualiticd by the words whom they shall judge to be in all respects competent and lit." Cc, That a soand di:eretion 0 exercised in exeluding some of the "old hands," we cannot doubt. when we remember that Mr. Iltrwrsa isemployed upon the Records which their former tint ediaus had left to the rats in the I: iog's Mews; and if the officials .x the ri,its. wit .re Mr. Ctnot was entm,ted) coild even read their document:, they left t.tem in this condition—" Though freq•wolly required for COOSIlit1t1011. they were destitute a ;My arrangement, placed npua shelves which were open, unprc:oll farm the dust, and bad become so filthy that no one W■ftlid touch th,a except front togeht necessity. The incrustations of dirt rendered it thIllealt to decipher one roll lean another. There was no list to intimate whether the earl Ilf ;my year or toxin sons existing; and there were le, eat:C[121W/, or calendars to the c,,t,tents

any PA I.•'—First Report If the Deputy Ketper, eye. page 14.