11 APRIL 1925, Page 2

The Belgian General Election which took place last Sunday resulted

in a gain for the Socialists at the expense of the Liberals, though the Catholics remain the largest party. Apparently the Catholics have returned about 83 deputies, the Socialists about 76, and the Liberals about 25.. Owing to the complexity of the system of Proportional Representation employed, there are still some doubtful eases when we go to press. Many Catholics had been optimistic enough to hope that they would recover the old predominance which they enjoyed for so many years before the War, but it seems now that the Socialists have made an irreparable cut into that great and easy majority. The demerits of Proportional Representation are once again apparent. The largest party has not a large enough majority to govern by itself and a coalition seems to be inevitable. The Theunis Government had resigned just before the elections.