11 APRIL 1992, Page 27

Public convenience

Sir: Concerning your remarks about Mary Killen's column, (Diary, 21 March), I can offer evidence that the problems with which she deals arc real. Mine was about blocked drains, although she did concoct an alterna- tive scenario solely in order to avoid certain indelicacies. In doing so, however, her pub- lished response resulted in a solution more suited to the circumstances of a public lava- tory than the private one in question. Fol- lowing this, and on her own initiative, she was kind and considerate enough to write to me personally offering an alternative solution better suited to the private loo and supported by corroborative evidence of its efficacy.

This was most appreciated and supports your assurance that her column is more than a contrived send-up of the convention- al Agony Aunt.

I was reminded of the entertainment her column affords when an overseas sub- scriber reported recently that despite the range and depth of Spectator coverage his first read each week is always Dear Mary.

Harty Murray

Nelholme, Flat 2, Victoria Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk