11 AUGUST 1855, Page 11

We are informed from a reliable source that a letter

has 'been just received in town, from a Russian:nobleman residing on his estate, com- plaining bitterly of the state of things. He says that he can get no income from his property, his peasants are pressed, and the crops are rotting in the ground from want of hands to gather them. This information comes upon us in the present week with great force. It does not differ from other statements which we have had direct from Russia, occasionally, for some time past ; but it serves to corroborate their accuracy, by the conformity of various witnesses ; it shows that the pressure to which it refers must, from its nature, and the ascertained facts at different points, be great throughout the empire; it supplies an indorsement, which we can authenticate and certify, of the account that we copy from Blackwood's Magazine, and it tells us that the adverse state of Russia continues—which necessarily means that it grows worse.