11 AUGUST 1855, Page 11



The fluctuations in the English Funds this week have been principally caused by the transactions connected with the settlement of the Account, Which took place on Wednesday; and the delivery of Stock having been considerable, occasioned a greater demand for money. Consols which had Previously stood at 91, declined to 901; they have rallied since, and are now 90i 1 for Money and 911 for the Account. Much surprise exists amongst

the applicants on this side for the French Loan at the absence of intel- ligence respecting the proportionate allotments, and the retention of the surplus deposits causes much inconvenience. Money, consequently, is in request in the Stock Exchange, and out of doors little is obtained below 34 per cent ; this, however, it is expected, will be the extreme rate as no profit now exists on the transmission of gold to the Cantu:lent, and the Australian and American remittances continue ample,—this week they amount to 308,0001. and 180,0001. respectively. The Peninsular and Oriental steamer Alhambra took out about 51,000/. The Corn Market is lower this week. In Foreign Securities there has been greater activity, and Danish and Peruvian are 1 better. Turkish has improved 14, owing to the bill for the new Loan having passed. It is now expected that the Turkish Minister will issue a notice for the attendance of capitalists, when the conditions regard- ing the amount to be raised will be stated. The rise in Peruvian has been caused by the proposed increase of the sinking-fund made by Senor River° on behalf of that Government, and submitted at a meeting of bondholders on Tuesday, called by the New Committee' against whom the Old Com- mittee entered a protest. Without much discussion, the meeting being favourable to the terms, the several resolutions were carried. The report of the Crystal Palace Company shows that the sum expended to the 30th June was 1,231,0001., and the liabilities to be discharged are 45,0001., making a total of 1,276,0001., exclusive of 66,000/. due on purchase of land, against which the assets amount to 38,0001. The net profits of the first year, excluding 26,786 guinea season-tickets, have been 66,000/., which paid a dividend of 6 per cent in February, and left 12,2991. The proprietors having received a dividend this year none was declared at the meeting yesterday; but the report was adopted, and a Committee formed to consult with the Directors in Mang-up vacancies, to look into accounts and liabilities, and to arrange for the future management of the concern.

Railways have been very heavy this week; the fact of the London and North-Western dividend for the past half-year being reduced to 44 per cent, being the lowest ever paid on that line, has occasioned distrust in other quarters. The principal decline has been in Great Western, which are 41. to Si. lower, closing today at 594 604. London and North-Western has re- ceded 158., and is now 971 84. Other lines have fallen from 58. to 11. London and South-Western is 11. higher. French Shares have been very buoyant, and a rise of 11. to 21. 5s. has taken place in several instances.


The English Funds present no alteration this morning. Consols for Money are 901 1, and for Account 911 4. Exchequer Bills 21 5. Ex- chequer Bonds have been done at 1001. The bullion return by the Bank of England shows a decrease of 153,6681. In Foreign Steckel the only change is in Turkish, which is / higher' being now 93 f. Railways continue very flat, and sales in Great WesternStock are rather numerous. Great Northern is 89/, Great Western 59/, London and North-Western 971, London and South-Western 87, Midland 70, and North British 30. SATURDAY, ONE O'CLOCK.

The English Funds are slightly better than they were in the morning; Consols are now 91 for Money, and 914 4 for the Account. Exchequer Bills 21 5. In Foreign Stocks there is no difference. Turkish has been done at 93 3 ,end Venezuela 31/. ways have been much depressed, but towards the close there was a slight tendency to reaction. London and South-Western has not partici- pated in the fall, but remains firm. Edinburgh and Glasgow, 50; Great Northern, 894; Ditto A Stock, 66; Ditto B Stock, 128; Great Southern and Western (Ireland), 1024- Great Western, 534- Lancashire and Yorkshire, 81 • London and Blackwell, ; London, Brighton, and South Coast, 99f ; London and North-Western, 97f ; Ditto Eighths, lf • London and South- Western, 874; Manchester Sheffield, and Lincolnshire, 251; Midland, 691; Midland, Birmingham, and Derby 415; North British, 304; North-Eastern —Berwick, 73; North Staffordshire, 104; Scottish Central, 106; Norfolk Extension 1846, 1045; Antwerp and Rotterdam, 104; Dutch Rhe- nish, 10; Eastern of France, 381; East Indian, 241; Ditto Extension, 124; Great Indian Peninsula, 51; Great Western of Canada, 231; Great Luxem- bourg Constituted Shares, 34; Madras, 194; Royal Danish, 20; Scinde, 7/. Mines—Brazilian Imperial (issued at 51. prem.) 21; Ditto Cooties and Cuiaba, 44; Ditto St. John Del Rey, 28. Joint Stock Banks—Australasian, 934, British North American, 67; City, 604; London Joint Stock, ,304; London, 364; New South Wales, 325; Union of Australia, 71; Union of London, 285. Miscellaneous—Canada, 134; Crystal Palace' n; Electric Telegraph, 18; General Steam Navigation, 28; North British Australasian,

; Peninsular and Oriental Steam, 68; B.oyal Mail Steam, 854; South Australian Land, 364; Van Diemen's Land, 121.

3 per Cent Consols

91 Danish 3 per Cents

81 4

Ditto for Account 91 1 Dutch 21 per Cents

83 5

3 per Cent Reduced 91 6 921 I

Ditto 4 per Cents 95 7

New 3 per Cents Long Annuities 4 I

Mexican 3 per Cents

Peruvian 46 per Cents

211 2

81 3

Bank Stock 214 15

Ditto 3 per Cents

59 61 Exchequer Bills 21 5 Portuguese 4 per Cents .... 43 5 India Stock 230 3 Russian 5 per Cents 100 2 Austrian 5 per Cents 81 3 Ditto 41 per Cents 89 91

Brazilian 5 per Cents 100 2

Spanish 3 per Cents 37 1

Belgiln 41 per Cents

93 5 Ditto Deferred

IN, 19

Chilian 8 per Cents

Danish 5 per Cents

103 5

103 5

Sardinian 3 per Cents Swedish 4 per Cents 86 8 87 90

An 3.ccoont,pursuant Notestasued


to the Act 7th and 8th Victoria, cap. 32, for the week ending on Saturday, the 4th day of Aug. 1855.

Issas DEP481,1[747.

429,601,590 Government Debt £11,015,100 Other Securities 2,984,900 Gold Coln and Bullion 15,601,590 Silver Bullion 429.601,590 .C,601,590


Proprietors' Capital

414,553,000 Government Securities lncin-

Rest 3,260,572

ding Dead Weight Amway). 419,1451.030 Public Deposits'


Other Securities ...... 13,692,92.5 Other Deposits 11,1357,328 Notes 15,892,R0 Seven Day and other Bills.... 1,052,978 Gold and Silver Coln 630,144 433,066,399 433,966,399 " Including Exchequer, Savings Banks, Commissioners of National Debt, & Dividend Accts.


The report of the Directors of the London and South-Western Railway shows the Company to be in a position to pays dividend for the half-year at the rate of 41. 78. 6d. per annum, and leave a balance of 7871. The net revenue for six months to 30th of June, deducting interest on loans and other preferen- tial charges, amounts to 146,8081., to which is added 2654/. from the last ac- count, making 149,4621. available for dividend. The increase of revenue for the half-year compared with the same period of 1854 is 20,6341.; while the working expenses have only increased 15701. The London and North-Western Company's report states that the capital account raised on stock and shares, calls paid in advance, loans, and deben- tures, amounted to 33,066,8001., the interest and dividend upon which is charged to revenue. The expenditure on the capital account to 30th of June -3139Jircillialeft alaWiii of 872,1967. The expenses venue accoun ICY eatilwiting eletipt rt,TOZT,9:sr,h2le3srl!: I lines in whic

and, deducting expenses and liabilities, the disposable sum is 542815!.; 513 the dividend to be declared at the meeting on Wednesday next will be at the rate of 41 per cent, leaving a balance of 69501.

s:Ther'epert of the East Lancashire Company states that the gross receipts atilt:aline have improved, but the net balance of the revenue account is less than :the corresponding period of last year. A dividend is proposed on the ordinary stock of 3] per cent per annum. The rerenue account shows that 142,0471. has been received, and 66,952/. expended; balance, 75,0951.