11 AUGUST 1855, Page 12

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Viilit'of Mademoiselle Rachel, marked by a brilliant series of sue- terminated with a regular ovation. To talie her leave of the EngBeh public she migrated from the St James's. to Drury Lane ; where; oh. Thtniday night, she appeared in the second act of Racine's Athatic, at a miscellaneous performance given for the benefit of the French Chin; ritable Association, and astounded her audience by. her impressive de- livery of the speech containing the description 'of the dream. During her short sojourn in this country, the public has had an opportunity of seeing thegreat actress in the characters of Camille," Phedre, Adrienne Lecon- vreur, Hermione, and Lady Tartuife ; and has, we. trust, made theobser,• vation, that while she has -retained all her excellent qualities, she has cOnekuered that habit of rapid artieulation which at one time threatened to sOmerge her speeches altogether. Yesterday morning she started from tiston 'Square on her way to Liverpool; and by this time she is probably' ogeboard the Pacific.