11 AUGUST 1855, Page 20


On the 2d August, at Drumloe, Lady Hayes, of a daughter. On the 3d, at Corsock House, Kirkcudbrightshire, Mrs. Murray Dunlop, of Cor- sock, Wife of A. Murray Dunlop, Esq., M.P., of a daughter. On the 4th, at Newport, Monmouthshire, the Wife of Captain Henry R. Foote, R.N., of a son.

On the 4th, at the Rectory, Slaugbam, Sussex, the Hon. Mrs. St. John Methuen; of a daughter.

On the 6th, at Heronden Hall, Tenterden, Mrs. Curteis Whelan, of a daughter. On ,the 6th, at Fornhatn, Bury St. Edmunds, the Lady of Colonel Curtis, of a daughter. On the 6th, at Barnes, the Wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Grove, of a daughter. On the 7th, at Bolton Hall, the Lady Bolton,of S son. On the 8th, in Hertford Street, Mayfair, the Lady Charlotte Neville, of a daughter. On the 6th, at Devonport Dockyard, Lady Plumridge, of a son.


On the 4th June, at the Anarkullee Church, Lahore, Captain William Alexander Hickey, second in command of the Fifteenth Irregular Cavalry, son of the late Wil- liam Hickey, Esq., of Dublin, to Emily Georgians, third daughter of the Rev. War- m Mercer, M.A., Vicar of Northallerton.

On the 2d August, at St. Mark's, SurbiUm, Surrey, Thomas Dickason Hatch, Esq., of Drumlanford House, Ayrshire, to Sarah, cousin of the Lord Bishop of Hereford, and widow of Edwerd Sidney Wason, Esq., late of Merton Hall, Wigtonshire.

On the 2d, at the Cathedral, Manchester, by the Rev. Thomas Leach, B.A., Vicar of Thornton in Lonsdale, assisted by the Rev. H. II. Westniore, M.A., Samuel Leach, Esq., oe Liverpool, to Elizabeth Priscilla, younger daughter of the late Rev. J. Greenwood.

On the 4th, at St. George's, Hanover Square, Donald Nicoll, Esq., Justice of the Peace for Middlesex and Westminster, to Melina, youngest daughter of Lewis Jones, Esq., of Heath House, Essex. On the 7th, at the parish-church of Maryleb'one, Robert Bateson Harvey, Esq., only son of Robert Harvey, Esq., of Langley Peek, Bucks, to Diana Jane, daughter of the Von. Stephen Creyke, Archdeacon of 'York. On the 7th, at St. Andrew's Church, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Rear-Admiral B. M. Kelly, K.C., to Juliana, eldest daughter of the late William Boyd, Esq., of Burfield Priory. Gloucesterehire.

On the 7th, at St. James's, Piccadilly, Sir Edmund S. Prideaux, Bart., of Nether- ton Hall, Devonshire, to Louisa, widow of the late George Wallington, Esq., of Caldecot House. Herta, and youngest daughter and coheiress of the late Robert Bodle, Esq., of Woolston Hall, Essex.

On the 17th June, at Neemuch, Captain George C. Kemball, First Regiment Bom- bay L. Cavalry, Lancers. On the 6th July, in Dublin, Major Josiah George Hort, Adjutant of the Royal Hospital, Klimainham, and formerly of the Eighty-first Regiment. On the 25th, in Craven Street, Kenneth Bethune, Esq., of Wellington, New Zealand. • On the 1st August, in Stanley Place, Chester, William Pepperrell Hutton, M.A., for fifpen years Rector of St. Bridget's, in that city. On Die 2d, at Worthing, Sussex, the Rev. C. Bromhead. ALA., Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, P.M'S., and Vicar of Cardington, Bedfordshire : in his 59th year. On the 3d, at Great Marlow, Colonel Alexander Higginson ; in his 724 year. He served upwards of thirty years in the Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards. On the 3d, at Brandsby Hall, York, Francis Cholinelev, Esq.; in his 44th year.

• On the 4th, at Red Hill. Havant, ',repels Richard Hawker, Captain Sixth Dra- goon Guards, second surviving son of General Sir Thomas Hawker ; in his 23d year. Op the 4th, in London Road, Reading. the Rev. Richard Sheepshanks, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, F.R.S., and Member of the Royal Astronomical Society; In his 61st year.

On the 7th, in Somerset Street, Portman Square, General Walter Tremenheere, K.H.; in his 94th year. . On the 7th, at Rolls Park, Essex, Sir William A. Chatterton Bart. Of Castle Mahon, county of Cork.