11 AUGUST 1855, Page 5

Cht taut

Tim QUEEN has shown her accustomed activity during the last eight days ; and her interest in her sailors and soldiers. On Saturday, accom- panied by Prince Albert, she visited Heeler Hospital and went through all the wards. On Thursday, the Royal pair paid a visit to the camp of the Foreign Legion at Shomcliffe, returning to Osborne about seven in the evening. The Queen has likewise cruised in the Fairy.

The King of Portugal and the Duke of Oporto arrived in the ilindelho at Southampton on Sunday. Prince Albert met him there, and con- ducted him on board the yacht Victoria and Albert, where the King had his quarters. The Portuguese Princes did not then land at Osborne, because the Royal children had had the scarlatina. So that her Majesty received them on board her yacht. The next day, however, they landed and took a drive ; and in the evening Prince Albert dined with his Ma- jesty; the Queen being kept at home by stress of weather. On Tuesday, the King and his brother took their departure in the Mindelho, on their return to Lisbon.

The Earl of Clarendon had audience of the Queen on Monday. The Baron Andre Jean-Simon, the Minister from Hayti, and Mr. II. Howard, her Majesty's Minister Plenipotentiary at the Court of Brazil, on return- ing home on leave, were presented to the Queen.