11 AUGUST 1961, Page 14

BRITISH RAILWAYS SIR,—When 1 read vehement complaints about British Railways

I wonder why, as an entirely ordinary traveller, my experiences are quite different. Twice a week I make long-distance journeys on the Western Region. The trains are clean, comfortable and usually ahead of rather than behind time. Last Friday we averaged over seventy miles an hour from Newbury to Taunton. The dinners are not wonderful, but for twelve shillings a head they are well above current value. When I make journeys on other Re- gions I find much the same conditions. What I never find is discourtesy or slovenliness among the em- ployees. On the contrary they are always helpful and usually cheerful—which is more than can be said for most of the human race. Can it be that railwaym'en respond according to how they are treated? And that the conditions we find vary according to our hopes—and prejudices?