11 OCTOBER 1975, Page 4


Sir: Following the letter on metrication (September 6) by Mr James Dandy who complains that the British are being herded into metrication like sheep without even being allowed to bleat loudly in protest — here is some bleating by a continental sheep interested in the matter and receiving regular reports from the Metrication Board at the British taxpayer's expense.

How one must support the views of Mr Dandy. How convenient and easily operated is a system in which 1 cubic yard = 21.0223 bushels = 27 Cu. feet --84.089 pecks = 168.179 gallons = 46656 Cu. ins, and in which 1 Cu. in. = 0.11535 gill = 0.028837 pint = 0.014419 quart =0.0036047 gallon. How complicated, on the other hand, is a system in which I cubic meter = 1000 cubic decimeters = 1000000 cubic centimeters and in which I centilitre = 0.1 decilitre = 0.01 litre 0.001 dekalitre = 0.0001 hectolitre.

How unbelievable is the stupidity of the continental countries which cannot see the advantages of the old British system of measurements and which do not seem. to realise that every country in the world is out of step and only Great Britain is in.

Karl Hildebrand Lohengrin-Str. 18, 33-Braunschweig, Germany