11 OCTOBER 1975, Page 4

Spain and terrorits

Sir: I am writing to express my disgust at the attitude of the British Government and other Western politicians towards the execution in. Spain of the five terrorists who showed so little regard for human life.

There can be no doubt that their acts of violence were in themselves an affront to humanity — and indeed an enemy of it and civilised society. And yet that our "democratic" government will, despite this callousness and brutality, speak out in the culprits' 'defence, is but a true measure' of how sympathetic these "democrats" are to the cause of extreme socialism.

Also, the government's "soft line"

indicated that regardless of the phenomenal increase in violence over the past decade, our leading statesmen still believe that, by appeasement, merciless thugs can somehow be subdued and brought into line. One only has to look at Northern Ireland, the football terraces or even our own city streets, to see just how successful it really is.

Finally, I cannot help wondering how Mr Callaghan would have reacted to the execution in Portugal of five "fascists". Needless to say, there would be few elements in the Labour Party who might be anxious to rally for their preservation.

So, instead of condemnation, let's stand up and hail General Franco as a guardian of peace and stability — and hope our own "democrats" soon realise that such terrorism meets with only one of two ends: destruction or victory and all the fearful consequences that would entail.

P. J. Condon I Linstead Way, London SW18