11 OCTOBER 1975, Page 5

Bring back Powell!

Sir: "For the 'right-wing' policies," says Mr Michael Harrington, "would mean more rather than less unemployment". There is nothing produced by human and natural resources of which the conditions governing supply and demand are static. As they change, so must human labour be flexible. A high level of employment depends in the long run on the mobility of labour from place to place and job to job. What are known as "right-wing policies" would facilitate mobility of labour: particularly in housing, the present situation of which is due almost entirely to government intervention, for which both the main parties are to blame. Government intervention has made it more difficult than ever to move one's residence from place to place.

Mr Harrington also says: "We need to make our kind of government the kind of government that can win elections." He seems to think that the way to win elections is to walk down the middle of the road; I think it is the way to get run over. Whatever may be the general opinion now of Enoch Powell, his popularity has never waned for lack of that kind of so-called moderation. , D. E. Folkes 5 Queen's Walk, London W5