11 OCTOBER 1975, Page 5

Church and socialism

Sir: Mr Chapman Chisholm (September 27) has got it all wrong. It is not the RCs who have gained control of the British Labour Party, but international socialists w:.o have gained control of the Church.

Only this morning it was announced that the Pope had made urgent representations to the Spanish Government in an effort to save the lives of the FRAP police-murderers. One does not hear of His Holiness intervening on behalf of drug-smugglers executed in Kazakhstan or Siberian factory operatives similarly dealt with for stealing factory property.

The Church is becoming more and more like a trade union with a Proliferation of "working committees" and socialist jargon etc. Increasingly, trendy left-wing priests are being appointed to bishoprics, the most notorious case being the removal of the saintly Cardinal Mindszenty as Primate of Hungary in order to facilitate the appointment of a fellow-travelling bishop acceptable to the Commissars.

Perhaps the silliest point made by Mr -Chisholm was his suggestion that the inclusion of Mr Healey (amongst others) in the Cabinet -is indicative of Mr Wilson's ultramontane proclivities. I know nothing of Mr Healey's early upbringing or the religious persuasion of his forebears, but I do know that he was once a communist. He was Minister of Defence for six years, during which time the TSR 2 and P1154 aircraft projects were cancelled, aircraft carriers were scrapped, famous regiments were disbanded, and the armed forces were generally emasculated. How much more subtle to do the Kremlin's bidding from a secure power base rather than to risk one's neck by dabbling in espionage or sabotage!.

When I joined the RAF as a lowly AC2 I was asked whether I had ever belonged to any communist organisation. Presumably if my answer had been yes I would have been (rightly) turned down. It seems incredible to me that a former communist can be appointed to a position where he has access to far more secret information and can do incalculably more harm than any AC2!

Was not the appointment of Mr Healey to this highly sensitive post indicative of where Mr Wilson's sympathies truly lie?

R. G. W. Rickford 38 Tiffany Close, Bletchley, Bucks.