11 OCTOBER 2003, Page 40

Out of tune

From Margaret Potts Sir: I read with interest Alasdair Palmer's article on Orvieto's Museo dell'Opera (Arts, 27 September). It brought to mind an amusing incident when, a couple of years ago, I too attempted to visit the museum. Access is via several flights of wide stairs. Ahead of me, climbing carefully, was an American lady with one foot in a cast. She finally reached the door, stood looking at a piece of paper stapled to the door, then turned round and came stomping past me. 'It's closed,' she said crossly. 'They appear to be having a piano recital or something.'

Being so close to the top by then, I continued on up and in turn read the notice. 'Piano di Fuga', it said, with subtitles: 'Primo Piano, Piano Secondo ' Margaret Potts