11 SEPTEMBER 1920, Page 12

(To THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR."' SIR, —The Materialist Conception

of History is the science which deals with human society. Just as Darwin discovered the law of development in organic nature, so Marx discovered the law of development in human society. The Materialist Conception of History is entirely unknown to the average cultured person; it is not taught in our universities. It might truly be called a proletarian science. The following maxim, which is taught in the proletarian schools, explains it in a nutshell:— " Thou shalt remember that the economic structure of Society determines the legal and political superstructure, and the Social, Ethical, Religious, and intellectual life process in general. It is not men's consciousness which determines their life; on the contrary, it is the social life which determines their consciousness."

Need I remind all your correspondents of the great outcry in the middle of last century against Darwin? It has passed away now; it has been accepted. In the same way the science of human society will not come into its own until the bourgeoisie declines.

Lewis Morgan, in his Ancient Society—a work which he made his life's study—divides human society into the follow- ing: Lower Status of Savagery, Middle and Upper; Lower Status of Barbarism, Middle and Upper, then Civilization (Lower). Each advance in the plane of life upwards is marked by a distinct ethnical period, i.e., an advance in the material conditions. In the light of the foregoing your correspondents may find out their mistakes if they would make a study of this science.

C. Townsend says : " The child with the doll anticipates maternity," &c. Such, my dear lady, is not the case. The child unconsciously displays its sex instinct. You, my dear lady, may be a Christian, and your parents may be "bred back." Which is quite likely. W. K. Scudamore is slightly vulgar, and departs from the subject. Might I remind him that it is the children of the working class who do all the servile work for the middle and upper classes—servants, maids, cooks, butlers, &c.? He also desires to know the date of Moloch. If he had been a reader of the Red Dawn he would know that Moloch is of the same period as the other Hebrew God Yahwe, our God. " Moloch, the name of a deity to whom the Judeans in the last ages of the kingdom offered their own children in sacrifice with peculiar rites." Need I inforM him that 10,000 years before this period the Babylonians were well advanced in the arts of the gods? E. W. Stone quotes as a Christian ethic, Faith, hope, and love. Keeping in view the late world loss, I would say friend Stone was trying a joke on me. " M. E. B." equals friend Stone with physical, intellectual, spiritual. My friend, these things are all the result of the working world. Even God is but the reflection of our working world. We make our gods, and to all your correspondents I might add the gods of the world are numerous, and they evolve as the economic process evolves. I think this should be clear to any thinking person. Correspondent " S." adds what he thinks is a heavy hit when he says " the dictatorship of Jews." Might I remind him that the supposed Saviour of the world was a Jew, and that the God they are all defending is a Jew?

Your criticism, Mr. Editor, of my story, The Story of a Communist, is fair, and r desire to congratulate you for your article. Accept my apology for the length of my letter. I have condensed to the furthest point. Might I ask all my opponents to leave out all mud as it proves nothing?—I am, Sir, .&c., TOM ANDERSON.

24 Queen Mary Avenue, Glasgow.