11 SEPTEMBER 1920, Page 2

Mr. Balfour last week acknowledged the withdrawal of the Bolshevik

demand for a Polish " workers' militia " in a courteous and incisive Note. He told M. Tchitcherin that he was evidently jesting when he said that the establishment of this militia was a " concession " to Poland. He reminded M. Tchitcherin that the demand had been concealed from the British Government, who would object to having a militia forced upon Poland against her will, whether it was to be composed of " workers " or of million. aires. As for M. Tchitcherin's comparison between the wage- earners in Russia and the working classes in Great Britain, Mr. Balfour, speaking for himself, observed that " he never for a moment doubted the efficacy of Soviet methods for making rich men poor," but that he doubted their success in " the more difficult and more important task of making poor men rich."