11 SEPTEMBER 1920, Page 2

The Poles and the Bolsheviks have agreed to transfer the

peace negotiations from Minsk to Riga. The chief Polish delegate will probably be the Polish Socialist leader, M. Daszinsky, whose existence the British Socialists apparently ignore. While the Allies are all urging Poland to make a speedy peace, General Wrangel has sent an agent to Warsaw in order to press for a joint Russo-Polish offensive against the Bolsheviks. Up to the present General Wrangel's invitation has not found favour. The Poles should by now have learned the extreme danger of interfering in Russian politics, and they would be well advised to leave General Wrangel to his own devices. Meanwhile the fighting has not ceased, but the destruction of General Budenny's Russian cavalry force near Kholm last week has freed the Poles from their most enterprising adversary.