11 SEPTEMBER 1920, Page 3

We have dealt elsewhere with some of the general considera-

tions that arise in regard to the attempted suicide on the part of the Lord Mayor of Cork. Here we want to say something about those who have been so unwise as to " aid, abet, counsel, and procure" the commission of the felony of suicide by the Lord Mayor, in order thereby to injure and impair the authority of the Crown and Parliament of the United Kingdom. In our opinion, should the Lord Mayor, in spite of the efforts of the authorities, carry out the rash act which he is attempting, the Government should at once proceed against the persons con- cerned under 24 & 25 Viet. C. 94. The Act consolidates and amends the Statutes and Common Law of England and Ireland in regard to " accessories to " and " abettors of " indictable offences. There is no better way of making the British public understand the rights of a subject than a trial at bar. Accessories to the Lord Mayor's offence clearly deserve to be indicted for their cruel and callous action. We have no desire to be vin- dictive, but the Sinn Feiners have challenged the British People to a fight with the gloves off, and we ought to take up their challenge. For the Lord Mayor and his wife we may and do entertain a sense of pity. They at any rate have suffered greatly. For those who have abetted the commission of the crime or have refrained from using their influence to stop its commission, but have had no suffering, we have nothing but a feeling of contempt and abhorrence.