12 APRIL 1935, Page 2

A National Planning Board .

The. Departmental Committee on Garden Cities and Satellite Towns,- appointed nearly four years ago, has at length issued. its report. . It recommends the establish- ment of a Planning. Board, appointed by the Minister of Health, with a view to the co-ordination and direction of land-development schemes throughout the country. Much has happened since the Committee first met ; ' the' slum-clearance schemes have been brought into being, and over-crowding measures projected ; the local authori- ties have been charged with important new duties involving much building both outside towns and in ; and ribbon development has become a still greater menace. The promised Bill on this subject is still in the clouds. Never was the case so urgent forsome unifying body which would co-ordinate new activities;- and satisfy the needs of one area with due regard to the needs of others. The proposed Planning Board would advise and encourage, and not itself undertake development. It would be of little use unless generously staffed," and unless local authorities seeking approval for schemes were required to consult it in advance. Moreover, it-would be necessary to make ample provision for a preliminary national survey.