12 APRIL 1935, Page 2

Settling Families on the Land In a letter which appears

on a later page Sir Percy Jackion calls attention to the immediate problems of the Land Settlement Agsociation, whose programme he explained at a meeting at the House of Commons last Tuesday. Mr. Malcolm Stewart's gift of an estate at Potton has enabled an immediate start to be made in 'settling unemployed families on the land, and other " Colonies " are to 'follow. The value of the -work that is being done by the Association is two-fold. First, it finds -employment for men on the land. Secondly, as an experiment, it will show how settlement on a much larger scale can be profitably undertaken. The schenie is &jawed by a combination of voluntary 'gifts, pound: for-pound contributions by the Government, andsiinilar contributions' by the Commissioner for the Special Areas when the settlers come from Durham or South Wales.

The great attraction which of this scheme, WhicWill commend' itself to all who participate in it, is that its success is the' preliminary to those far larger schemes of land settlement which must follow when experiment has demonstrated the best way of setting about the business. There may be more right ways than one.