12 APRIL 1975, Page 5

Christianity today

Sir; r

agree that the trouble with the ;j3untrY is spiritual, but I fail to see that It is due to socialism. Your editorial seemed to be about the decline of Fhristianity and the Church of Engand, but cleverly concealed among this Was the almost inevitable verbal abuse Of socialism. I cannot agree that there is "much evidence of the death and departure of the spirit of Christ." The number of hristians is increasing, but many are "02 satisfied with the conventional ,c.uurches because they are conserva ve, introverted and more interested in internal politics than spreading the Gospel.

01.1 th cannot call all new versions of e B.

ible "vulgar, untrue and evasive. n the accu whole they are textually

prrrate and open the Bible up to a new Ige of people. Surely there can be a ace for them as well as the King b'roes version? The liturgy needs to be 1_r°11ght into the twentieth century and

the • i,.,„

Atroar, "latest form of progressive "'' People can praise God in "latest form of progressive "'' People can praise God in

words they understand!

It is good that prime ministerial and royal influence is being removed from the Church; it may mean that political appointments are not made and that men of an evangelical (I use that word in its Biblical context) character are appointed, by the whole Church, to key posts. If Christianity is going to mean anything to people today the Church will have to forget its internal politics and preach Jesus Christ. Richard Budgen 242 Abingdon Road, Oxford