12 APRIL 1975, Page 5

Young Vic

Sir: Your 'Will Waspe' does seem to love having a dig at the Young Vic. It seems a pity, but his opinion if of course his own.

I should however like to put him and your columns right on the Young Vic's visit to Mexico and Spain with my production of Macbeth. In fact, the visits were not proposed by the British Council. The Mexican Government asked particularly for the Young Vic to go to their International Festival this year and specified the productions they would like. The Director of the Madrid festival saw Macbeth and begged that the production should be brought to the Madrid Festival and toured in Spain.

For your interst may I point out that the last time the Young Vic went to Spain they won the annual Critics' Award and they have had enormous success in many countries of the world, often with productions that were not excessively praised by a number of London critics. Our Scapino has received two Tony Award nominations in New York and now the same production is being presented all over the world. We are a notable hard currency earner for this country.

Frank Dunlop Director, Young Vic, The Cut, London SE1