12 APRIL 1975, Page 7

Lobby Lyrics-22

Valerian Trendileft, MP, Of course, distrusts the EEC, That plutocratic enclave, which Ensures the interests of the rich.

They threaten to deprive our nation Of Lovely left-wing legislation.

Sir Jasper Staunch dislikes it too, Though he takes quite a different view And fears a pinkish Europe would Yield nothing for the country's good.

If we stay in, there'll be, he cries, No place for private enterprise.

Each sees his Party's cause decline, Unless we up and leave the Nine. Reflect, as we approach the fight, On this, they cannot both be right! Perhaps we'll prove, before too long Elapses, that they both are wrong.

Ogilvy Lane Ogilvy Lane is the pseudonym of a member of the House of Lords