12 AUGUST 1882, Page 1

The discussion which followed this statement rendered it quite evident

that the Tories were only too glad to accept what they were offered, and had no intention at all of nailing their colours to the mast. Sir Stafford Northcote was conciliatory, Mr. Gibson was jocose, Mr. Parnell grieved, but only wished to condition that nothing more should be conceded (which Mr. Gladstone had made clear enough). Mr. Forster made an impressive speech, declaring that this Bill was most important, as it was absolutely essential to prevent Irish landlords from using these arrears to clear their estates of poor tenants,—which they would often greatly prefer oven to getting paid the arrears in full. Even Mr. Chaplin was comparatively reasonable. The Lords' first amendment was rejected by the enormous majority of 136 (293 to 157). There were many absentees, and forty-three pairs.