12 AUGUST 1882, Page 14


[To THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR:'] SIR,—A propos of remarks in your paper on "The Evidence for Extraordinary Events," I may relate the following unusual co- incidences :—My eldest brother went to New Zealand. One morning my sister Emily came down to breakfast, looking very white and queer, and directly she entered the room, said,—"Ben has met with an accident." Disregarding our incredulous amusement, she declared she had seen him with his arm band- aged up, lying in a room where there were other beds. We were longer than usual in hearing from my brother; he explained the delay, saying his arm had been broken, and that he had been for some time in the hospital. Comparing dates, we found he was injured the day my sister had her vision. My eldest sister married, and went to Australia ; one night she saw her mother- in-law, Mrs. R—, enter the room; go and kiss the baby in a cot, come to the foot of the bed, and say,—" I'll wish you good-bye now," and glide out. My sister felt so nervous and impressed she awoke her husband, and related the affair to him. He laughed it off, saying, " It was only a dream," &c. Next mail brought news of Mrs. R—'s death ; she died in England, at the moment Agnes saw her in Australia (times, &c., since com- pared). What is the explanation P-1 am, Sir, &c., 3 Buxton, Villas, Strafford, August 7th. ANTHONY ASHLEY.