12 AUGUST 1882, Page 3

Lord Granville added a few words, saying that he could

not add much to the knowledge of Mr. Gladstone's public life, but that what he should have liked to do, had it been possible, was "to have given some notion of his inner life, of his merits as a colleague, of his charm as a political chief, and such details as would have added to your respect for him, strong feelings of sympathy with him as a man." Doubtless, speaking to a crowd which filled a vast open space, it was impossible for Lord Gran- ville to give such details. But let us urge upon him to put them on record, so that at some fitting time we may have them in all their freshness. Lord Granville is very happy in his personal sketches of statesmen familiar to him, and we know no one whose political reminiscences would be fuller of vivid detail and apt appreciation. Hie description a year or two ago of Mr. Villiers Was a masterpiece of political etching.