12 DECEMBER 1885, Page 1

In Wales, we anticipated that the Liberal Party would lose

one or two seats. It has lost only one. In the new Parliament, Wales will be represented by 27 Liberals and 3 Conservatives, instead of (as in the last Parliament) by 28 Liberals and 2 Conservatives. Radnorshire has been won by the Conservatives; and as the Montgomeryshire boroughs and the Denbighshire boroughs had previously been won by Conservatives, this brings the strength of the Welsh Conservatives up to the high-tide mark of 3. In Scotland, there will be either 63 Liberals and 9 Conservatives, or 62 Liberals and 10 Conservatives, according as the University of Edinburgh returns Mr. Erichsen or the Lord-Advocate. In Ireland, there will be not a single Liberal- 18 Conservatives (including the two Members for the University of Dublin) and 85 Parnellites. Of the Conservatives, 16 are returned by counties in Ulster; and, except by the University of Dublin, not a single Conservative is returned outside the Northern province. This completes the record of the great demo- cratic Parliament of the United Kingdom, which many hope,— though they hope, we trust and believe, in vain,—will be the last Parliament of the United Kingdom, simply because it is the first Parliament which represents at all adequately the purposes of the Irish people.