12 DECEMBER 1885, Page 17

Nature and her Servants; or, Sketches of the Aninial Kingdom.

By Thoodorl Wood. (S.P.C.K.)—Mr. Wood, author of those most interesting and useful little books, " Oar Insect Enemies " and " Our Insect Allies," follows them up with another volume dealing with a larger aspect of Nature. All living creatures come under the writer's ken, from the monkey down to those doubtful beings of which the unlearned at least might doubt whether they are animals or plants, the zoophytes. The book is written for the unlearned ; scientific terms are very sparingly used, and when used explained. Monkeys have a chapter to themselves, and dogs and cats one between them. The animals of land and sea have eight chapters between them, the last being given to those queer survivals of antiquity, the "Mar- supials." " Birds " occupy five chapters, " Fishes" two, " Insects" as many, and an eighteenth and concluding chapter includes " Crustaceans," &o.