12 DECEMBER 1885, Page 17

The Mountain. By Jules Michelet. (Nelson and Sous )—This is

a companion volume to " The Sea," from the pen of the same author. In the first part we begin with chapters on Mont Blanc, on this follows a description of Switzerland generally and of the Pyrenees: then come chapters of a more general kind on some great phenomena of the world, on the great earth-masses, or " mountains," as M. Michelet is pleased to style them, called " Continents;" on the "Mountains of Ice," as they are to be seen in Polar regions; on "Mountains of Fire," as exemplified in Java. The second part deals more in detail with some of the things to be seen and learnt in mountain regions. Those who know the brilliance and picturesque. ness of M. Michelees style, characteristics which are creditably preserved in the English, will know that this is a very readable book.