12 DECEMBER 1885, Page 18


Ballads of Western Highlands, cr 8vo (C. K. Paul A Co.)) 3/6

Barnaby (S. W.), Marine Propellers, cr Svo (Spon 5:0 Bowes G. K), Conversation, or Svo (Nisbet 2/6

Bowles (8 ), Life and Times of, 2 vole. cr 8vo (T. F. Cowl 21/0

Bright (W.). Iona, and other Verses, 12mo (Rivington 4:6

Buchanan (J.), The Shire Highlands, or 8vo (W. Blackwood 7/6 Burke (T. N.), Life, by Fitzpatrick, 2 vole. 8vo (C. K. Paul & Co) 30/0

Burn (It. 8), Systematic Small Farming, cr 8vo (Lockwood 6/0 Carpenter (W. B.), Troth in a Tale, cr Svo (Macmillan 4/6 Chase (D. P.), The Epistle of Paul to the Romans, cr 8vo (Rivington) 2/6 Church (Ft,. W.), Discipline of Christian Character, or 8vo (Macmillan) 4/6 Clifton (R. W.), Rights and Liabilities of Innkeepers, or 8vo (Simpkin & Co.) 2/6

Colwell (J.), Wayside Wisdom, cr 8vo (Wesleyan Conference Office) 2;0 Crake (A. D.), Doomed City, or 8vo (Mowbray) 3/6 Cushing (W.), Initials and Pseudonyms, royal 8vo (S. Low & Co.) 21/0 Diary of Nannette Dampier, or Svo (Sonnenscheio) 2;6 Ellicott (C. J.), Are we to Modify Fundamental Doctrine ? or Svo (Simpkin) 2/0 Goodhart (C. A.), Hints and Outlines for Children's Services, or Svo (Nisbet) 2/0

Green (E. E.), Winning the Vietory, or Svo (Nelson) 3.6 Greenhill (A. G ), Differential and Integral Calcul or Svo (Macmillan) 7/6 Harding (C.), Ferndyke, or Svo us, (Loud. Lit. Soo.) 6/0 Heiress Against her-Will; or 8vo (Lund. Lit. Boo). 3/6 Hodgson C. H.), Siegfried's Crown, Cr Svo (Griffith & Faeroe) 3;6

Holmes (0. 'W.), Mortal Antipathy, cr 8vo (S. Low & Co.) 8/6 How (W. W.), Words of Good Cheer. 12mo (W. W. Gardner) 1/6

Jackson (C. C ), Court of France, 1514-1559, 2 vols. Svo (Bentl24/0 Johnston (H.H.), Kilima Njaro Expeditieur, 8vo (0. K. Paul A Co)o 21/0 Lilliputian Opera, Red Riding Hood, 4to (Day) 4/0 Lowe (0.), Prince Bismarck, 2-vols. 9vo (Cassell A OW 20

Meissner (A. L.), Public School German Grammar, cr Svo (Hachette) 3/6

Meyrick (F.), Doctrine of Church of England, cr 8vo (ltivington) 2/6 Mustard Lftnes, by " D. T. 8.," 12mo (S. Low & Co.) 3/6

Official Report of Church Congress at Portsmouth, 8vo (Bemrose) 10/6 O'Meard fli.), Madame Mehl, Her Salon, &o.;8vo (Bentley) 12/0 On Both Sides, or 8vo (Lippincott) 5/0 O'Reilly (Mrs.), Kirke's Mill, cr 8vo (Hatohard) 3/6

Owen (E ), Surgical Diseases of Children, cr Svo (Cassell) 9;0 Pastime Papers, cr Svo (Bentley) 4/0 Plunkett (G. T.), Primer of Orthographic Projection, cr 8vo (Low) 2/0 Rachel. by Mrs. A. Kennard, or 8vo (W. H. Allen) 3/6 Ryley (J. B.), Sterility in Woman, or 8vo Renshaw)2 6 Sohwatka (F.), Nimrod in the North, 4to (Cassell) 7 Shaw (W. F.), Manual for Communicants, cr 8ro (Griffith & Farran) '3 6 Story of Catherine, cr 8vo (Macmillan) 6,0

Struck (H. L.), Hebrew Grammar, cr 8vo (Williams & Norgate) 4/6 Swift (J.), Letters and Journals of, 12mo parchment, (O. K. Paul & Co) 66

Thames (The), the Royal River, 4to (Cassell) 42/0

That Child, or 8vo (Ratchard) 3/6 Tincker (M. A.), Aurora, or 8vo (Lippincott) 6d)

Vicary (J. F.), American in Norway, cr 8vo tW. H. Allen) 7/6 Waller (0. H.), Every-Day Life, or Svo (Shaw) 3/6 Walrond (D.), These Little Ones, cr Svo (Nelson) 2/0 Wanderings of a' Beetle, 4to r (Griffith & 1 arran) 7/6

Wilson (C. W.), From Korti to Kartoam, cr 8vo (Blackwood) 7/6 Wood (J.), Radical Cure of Hernia, cr two Rewhaw) 4/6 Wray (J. J.), Secret of the Mere, cr 8vo (Nisbet) 2/6

Wray (J. J.), Simon Kelpies, cr8vo (Nisbet) 3/6