12 DECEMBER 1885, Page 2

Mr. Parnell or his advisers have issued a black list

of Eng- lish and Scotch Members who have incurred the wrath of the Parnellites by voting against them ; and they claim to have helped actively in the defeat of forty-one Members who have, in their opinion, deserved ill of the Irish Party. We doubt whether they are wise in their generation in issuing- these boastful manifestoes. We suspect that the order of merit con- ferred by Mr. Parnell on Mr. Thompson had a good deal to do with his defeat for the borough of Durham ; and we think it very likely that this black lief will come to be eagerly scanned by English constituencies for the purpose of selecting Members whom they can trust. Mr. Parnell would hardly be gratified by finding almost all the Members whom he pretends to have defeated returned one by one to the House expressly because Englishmen prefer those whom Mr. Parnell distrusts, and dis- trusts those whom he prefers. That, however, is what is very likely to happen if he goes on as he has begun.